Do You Need A Divorce Attorney If You Agree On Everything?

Posted on: 27 September 2021

If you're approaching a divorce in which you and your partner have agreed to split everything, you may wonder whether you need to hire a divorce lawyer. Well, technically, you don't. But in reality, a lot of things are involved in divorces (even the amicable ones), and it may be a costly mistake to try to handle everything yourself. Below are four reasons why hiring a divorce attorney is a good idea even if you agree on everything. 

Are You Sure You Agree on Everything?

When it comes to divorces, agreeing to split everything isn't enough. You need a detailed plan including spousal maintenance, child support, parenting schedule, payment terms for alimony, uncovered health costs for children, division of retirement accounts, and death benefits.

Therefore, you may think you agree on everything, only to realize later there are many things you hadn't considered. A competent divorce attorney knows all the intricacies surrounding divorces and may point out some things you wouldn't normally think of. This will save you severe headaches down the road.  

You Still Need Help Drafting the Agreement

The agreement governs your future rights and obligations, so this is one area you can't afford to make mistakes. One misplaced word or wrong signature is all it takes to lose an entire property or even all rights to see your kids. 

Fortunately, divorces lawyers are professionally trained to write legal documents and analyses. They'll ensure your agreement is drafted properly, without any mistakes. And, even if you decide to draft your own agreement, it's a good idea to let a lawyer review it before signing it. 

A Lot Is at Stake

It's okay to trust your ex. But when everything you have, including your kids, estate, retirement accounts, and properties, is on the line, some form of caution is needed. Understand that in most divorce cases, everyone is looking out for their best interests. Your ex may act friendly, but inwardly they may be determined to end up with your real estate. 

When you work with a divorce lawyer, you're sure everything will work out as planned. They'll draft the agreement detailing what both parties want and then present it to the court for finalization. This helps to avoid any last-minute surprises. 

Help Dealing with Paperwork

A lot of paperwork must be filed with the court before your divorce is made official. Unfortunately, you may not understand all the paperwork needed or the procedures to follow. Failure to file appropriate paperwork may lead the judge to dismiss your case, forcing you to redo the whole process. 

Protect your time and energy by hiring divorce attorney services to handle all the paperwork. The divorce is hard enough, so the last thing you want is additional stress or pressure.