• Do You Need A Divorce Attorney If You Agree On Everything?

    If you're approaching a divorce in which you and your partner have agreed to split everything, you may wonder whether you need to hire a divorce lawyer. Well, technically, you don't. But in reality, a lot of things are involved in divorces (even the amicable ones), and it may be a costly mistake to try to handle everything yourself. Below are four reasons why hiring a divorce attorney is a good idea even if you agree on everything.
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  • 4 Questions About Collaborative Divorces

    Are you currently in the process of getting a divorce, but are unsure if you should attempt a collaborative divorce? Here are some things you need to know about a collaborative divorce to learn if it will be right for you.  Why Get A Collaborative Divorce? Some couples find that a collaborative divorce is cheaper than other forms of the process. That is because everyone works together during the divorce to reach a final agreement.
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  • 3 Things To Know About Online Divorce Mediation

    Is your divorce getting to the point where you are going to start mediation? If so, you need to decide how you want to get it done. While you have the option for in-person mediation, you may prefer to do it online instead. Here is what you need to know about online divorce mediation before you move forward. Online Divorce Mediation Is Convenient The biggest advantage of having your divorce mediation online is the convenience of it.
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