• Thinking About Bankruptcy? Know What Won't Be Discharged

    While you may think that filing for bankruptcy is the answer to all your financial problems, it is not always the case. Some debts are not allowed to be discharged, so you'll still need to pay them off after everything is wrapped up in court. Here are those debts that won't be discharged so you can be well aware of what they are. Housing Fees Is part of the reason for your bankruptcy filing due to your house costing too much money?
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  • Need to Leave an Addict and Get a Divorce? What to Know Now

    If drug abuse or alcohol addiction has taken over your spouse's life and you have tried to help them over and over with no success, you may feel like you want to get a divorce. If you are worried that they are going to act violently or fight you to get the kids, and they can't be trusted, you want to meet with a lawyer right away. A family divorce lawyer sees divorce cases every day and will be able to help you file and get the case moving quickly.
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