Don't Feel The Need To Discuss Your Plans For Divorce In These Situations

Posted on: 5 December 2018

While there are many different ways that you can begin the process of divorcing your spouse, many people decide to discuss this idea with one another. Bringing up this topic is understandably difficult, but the respect that you show your spouse by sharing your feelings can leave you with no regrets in the months and years ahead. You shouldn't always feel as though it's necessary to discuss your plans for divorce with your spouse, however. In these situations, this discussion is probably not a good idea.

Your Spouse Has A Violent Temper

If you're afraid of your spouse, it might be because he or she has a violent temper. Perhaps your spouse has been physically or verbally abusive to you in the past, or maybe you've just felt as though these forms of abuse have frequently been possible — even if they didn't happen. Divorce is a highly charged subject, and discussing your intentions to file for divorce from a partner who has a temper issue may be unwise. Such a topic could lead to some form of abuse, and this isn't a risk that you want to take. In this situation, consulting a divorce attorney immediately and beginning the paperwork with his or her help is your best bet.

Your Spouse Often Manipulates You

Some people have trouble taking a firm stance during an argument with their spouse. You might feel comfortable saying something with which your spouse doesn't agree, but quickly find that he or she overrules you in a manipulative manner. In such scenarios, bringing up the topic of divorce can be difficult. You could think about this topic at considerable length, and then your spouse could convince you that divorce isn't in your best interest — and you might not feel strong enough to argue this point.

Your Spouse Is In Prison

It's a difficult situation to think about filing for divorce from a spouse who is in prison. While some prisoners will be mentally prepared to hear this news, others will not. You might be concerned about your spouse harming himself or herself upon you bringing up this topic, for example. While this shouldn't compel you to disregard your intention to divorce, you might feel as though skipping the discussion phase will be in your best interests. Talk to your divorce lawyer to begin the process of your divorce, even if you haven't divulged your plans with your spouse.