3 Child Custody Tips When You're Experiencing An Amicable Divorce

Posted on: 8 September 2018

The internet is full of advice for those going through hostile and difficult divorces, but the truth is that even an amicable divorce is one that must be approached thoughtfully. This is especially true when you have children. The way that you handle your divorce now will have an impact on your kids for many years to come. Here are a few tips for managing child custody when you're experiencing an amicable divorce.

1. Don't Skip the Family Law Attorney

One mistake many people make when faced with a fairly friendly divorce is to skip the divorce attorney and attempt to handle everything themselves. This is a mistake that can cost you a great deal of money and frustration down the road. A family law attorney will make the most of the amicable relationship, ensuring you get the financial and child custody details you've agreed to with your ex down in a legal contract. This protects you and your kids in case your ex changes their mind in the future, or your divorce ends up becoming less amicable over time.

2. Clarify the Children's Wants and Needs

The best thing about an amicable divorce is that it allows you to co-parent more effectively, becoming a team dedicated to meeting your children's needs. Sit down with the kids (if they are old enough) and your former partner to discuss various options, including a visitation schedule and whether or not they will continue attending their old school. Once everyone is on the same page, have these details hammered out in your child custody agreement

3. Discuss Contingencies for Dating

One potential complication regarding your ex and child custody is what happens when one or both of you begin to date. Sometimes newly divorced parents start dating too soon, or they move too quickly and introduce their children to new partners early-on. This can be confusing and difficult for children who are still adjusting to the divorce, and who may grow attached to the new adults in their lives only to have them vanish when the relationships end.

Your family law attorney can help you come up with specific guidelines that you will both agree to follow. One example is that the kids don't meet any new romantic partners until the relationship is six months (or however long you both feel is appropriate) old.

By working with experienced family law attorney services, following these tips, and being proactive in seeking the best possible child custody arrangement, you will be doing what's truly best for yourself and your kids.